The Bloomer Blackhawks volleyball team played four games last week, winning two and losing two. On Monday, Oct. 4, the girls traveled to Colfax for a triangular meet. The Blackhawks beat Colfax 2-0 (25-19, 25-15) and fell to Menomonie 0-2 (24-26, 22-25). On Tuesday, Oct. 5 they traveled to Stanley-Boyd where they won 3-2 (25-16, 23-25, 25-18, 18-25, 15-10) and on Thursday, Oct. 7 they were defeated by Osseo-Fairchild 1-3 (14-25, 25-23, 20-25, 20-25).

Monday night, senior Lexi Post had 10 kills in the two matches. Junior Bella Seibel had nine kills, senior Leah Bleskacek had six, sophomore Katlyn Jones had four, and sophomore Ciarra Seibel had three. In set assists senior Paige Jacobs had 14, sophomore Amelia Herrick had 13, senior Madison Faschingbauer had two, Ciarra Seibel and Bleskachek each had one.

Defensively, Bella Seibel had 11 digs, Faschingbauer had 10 digs, Bleskachek had eight digs, Jacobs had seven digs and junior Jensyn Skaar and Post each had six digs to round out the top five.

Tuesday night against Stanley-Boyd, Post and Bella Seibel had 13 kills, Jones had 10, Bleskachek had six and Ciarra Seibel had five and junior Zoe Pielhop had one. In set assists Jacobs had 23, Herrick had 20, Faschingbauer two and Bella Seibel had one assist.

Defensively on Tuesday, Bleskachek had one block and five block assists, Bella and Ciarra Seibel each had three assists, Jones had two block assists and Post had one block assist. Also defensively, Faschingbauer had 19 digs, Jacobs had eight digs, Bella Seibel and Post had seven digs, and Pielhop and Herrick each had three digs to round out the top five in digs.

On Thursday at Osseo-Fairchild, Post had nine attack kills. Bella Seibel had eight kills, Bleskachek and Jones each had seven, Jacobs had two and Ciarra Seibel had one. In set assists Jacobs and Herrick each had 16.

Defensively, Bleskachek and Ciarra Seibel each had five block assists, Jones had three block assists, Bella Seibel had two and Jacobs had one block assist. Also defensively, Bella Seibel had 17 digs, Jacobs and Post each had twelve, Faschingbauer had 10 digs and Herrick had three digs to round out the top five.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12 the Blackhawks hosted Gilman.

Bloomer 2, Colfax 0 

(25-19, 25-15)

@ Colfax High School

Monday, October 4, 2021

Attack Kills: Lexi Post 5, Leah Bleskacek 4, Katlyn Jones. Blocks (Solo/Assists): Leah Bleskacek 0/1, Lexi Post 0/1, Katlyn Jones 0/1, Ciarra Seibel 0/1. Digs: Madison Faschingbauer 8, Paige Jacobs 4, Bella Seibel 4, Leah Bleskacek 3, Lexi Post 3, Cicely Kiecker 3, Ciarra Seibel 3, Jensyn Skaar 2, Amelia Herrick.

Bloomer 0, Menomonie 2 

(24-26, 22-25)

@ Colfax High School

Monday, October 4, 2021

Attack Kills: Lexi Post 5, Bella Seibel 5, Katlyn Jones 3, Ciarra Seibel 3, Leah Bleskacek 2.  Blocks (Solo/Assists): Lexi Post 0/1, Leah Bleskacek 0/1, Zoe Pielhop 0/1, Katlyn Jones 0/1. Digs: Bella Seibel 7, Leah Bleskacek 5, Jensyn Skaar 4, Amelia Herrick 4, Paige Jacobs 3, Lexi Post 3, Madison Faschingbauer 2, Katlyn Jones 2, Ciarra Seibel 2, Zoe Pielhop.

Bloomer 3, Stanley-Boyd 2 

(25-16, 23-25, 25-18, 18-25,15-10)

@ Stanley-Boyd High School

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Attack Kills: Lexi Post 13, Bella Seibel 13, Katlyn Jones 10, Leah Bleskacek 6, Ciarra Seibel 5, Zoe Pielhop.  Blocks (Solo/Assists): Leah Bleskacek 1/5, Ciarra Seibel 0/3, Bella Seibel 0/3, Katlyn Jones 0/2, Lexi Post 0/1. Digs: Madison Faschingbauer 19, Paige Jacobs 8, Lexi Post 7, Bella Seibel 7, Amelia Herrick 3, Zoe Pielhop 3, Katlyn Jones 2, Leah Bleskacek, Ciarra Seibel, Jensyn Skaar.

Bloomer 1, Osseo-Fairchild 3 

(14-25, 25-23, 20-25, 20-25)

@ Osseo-Fairchild High School

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Attack Kills: Lexi Post 9, Bella Seibel 8, Leah Bleskacek 7, Katlyn Jones 7, Paige Jacobs 2, Ciarra Seibel. Blocks (Solo/Assists): Leah Bleskacek 0/5, Ciarra Seibel 0/5, Katlyn Jones 0/3, Bella Seibel 0/2, Paige Jacobs 0/1.  Digs: Bella Seibel 17, Paige Jacobs 12, Lexi Post 12, Madison Faschingbauer 10, Amelia Herrick 3, Leah Bleskacek, Katlyn Jones, Ciarra Seibel.