Soon, Congress will be voting on anti-gun legislation. According to “H.R.127 - 117th Congress (2021–2022): Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act” ( | Library of Congress), a very brief summary of the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act includes but definitely is not limited to:

“This bill establishes a process for the licensing and registration of firearms. It also prohibits the possession of certain ammunition and large capacity ammunition feeding devices.”

“First, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives must establish (1) a licensing system for the possession of firearms or ammunition, and (2) a registration system for firearms.”

“In addition, the Department of Justice must establish and maintain a publicly available database of all registered firearms.”

“Next, the bill creates licensing requirements for the possession of a firearm and ammunition. DOJ shall issue such a license if the individual is 21 years of age or older, undergoes a criminal background check and psychological evaluation, completes a certified training course, and has an insurance policy. It also outlines the circumstances under which DOJ must deny a license (e.g., the individual was hospitalized with a mental illness).”

“It also establishes additional requirements for an antique firearm display license and a military-style weapons license.”

“The bill generally prohibits and penalizes the possession of a firearm or ammunition unless the individual complies with licensing and registration requirements. Further, it prohibits the transfer of a firearm or ammunition to an unlicensed person.”

“Finally, it generally prohibits and penalizes (1) the possession of ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater, and (2) the possession of a large capacity ammunition feed device.”

According to “Need To Know: H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing And Registration Act” (The Daily Caller), if the bill passes, it will be unlawful for people to possess ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater.

Legislators who quickly use our tax dollars to hire armed protection and who pay for fencing to protect themselves from the American citizen intend to render the citizen defenseless.

H.R. 127 would ban common types of ammunition including every shotgun shell larger than .410. Violations of the ban would result in fines of at least $50,000 and imprisonment of ten years.

Deer hunting would become illegal in many states.

Most shotgun shells currently possessed by law-abiding citizens would become contraband.

Americans would be forced to surrender millions of firearm magazines with no compensation.

The government would have three months to register over 400 million guns currently owned legally.

This bill is unconstitutional. If you care about the constitution and the freedoms allowed our citizens, contact your legislators!