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If you're from either Minnesota or Wisconsin, you know there's zero confusion over who's who, where's where, and which one has the better world-class university.

But if you're Minneapolis-based Target Corp., and you have a lapse of some sort along the production cycle, and an item gets onto shelves that features the name of one school with the mascot name of the other, well, you're probably (actually, more certainly than probably) going to hear it from both sides.

While shopping at a Minneapolis Target on Sunday night, Twitter user and Gopher fan @kilecarp posted a picture of a onesie with the tweet, "What is this @Target?"

In a statement to television station WCCO in Minneapolis on Monday night, Target fell on its sword: "Color us red. As a Minnesota-based company, we know we are home to the Gophers."

The chain said it had removed the items from the store in question, which is near the University of Minnesota campus.

As you might guess, more tweets followed the original post:

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