An otherwise routine case of alleged shoplifting has resulted in a felony methamphetamine possession charge against a Ridgeland resident, Barron County Circuit Court records said.

A complaint filed Wednesday, July 17, 2019, identifies the defendant as 26-year-old Ole R. Leiter, 1213 County Hwy. A, Ridgeland.

The complaint said Rice Lake police were called to the Farm & Fleet store on Tuesday morning, July 16. There, an officer watched surveillance video that showed a man, later identified as the defendant, taking a home security system worth $300 from the store without paying for it.

After the suspect fled, a store employee took down the license plate number for a red Ford F150 pickup truck, which was later traced to the defendant.

Later that day, a Barron County Sheriff’s deputy went to a home in the 1400 block of 7 ½ Avenue in Hillsdale, where he found the pickup truck allegedly involved in the theft and made contact with the defendant, who was also present.

The defendant allegedly denied he stole anything. The deputy saw a ladder leaning against the house. At the top of a ladder was a security camera, allegedly part of the stolen security system, already attached to the house. The deputy arrested the defendant.

In a search incident to arrest, the deputy allegedly found the defendant carrying a plastic bag in his pocket, which contained a residue that later tested positive for meth.

A warrant was obtained to search the defendant’s home, where a box was found matching that of the home security system stolen from Rice Lake.

The complaint charges the defendant with misdemeanor retail theft and felony meth possession. If convicted, he could face nearly seven years behind bars and/or fines of up to $20,000.