Bob (Rudolph) and Janie (Witch) Jacobson, 1214 Oak Street, enjoy handing out Halloween candy every year to trick-or-treaters in Bloomer and Oct. 31, 2020 was no exception. However, due to coronavirus concerns the couple came up with a new method of delivery down a pvc pipe (an idea that more than one home in Bloomer used this year). Janie said the kids enjoyed putting their bags or buckets under the pipe and waiting for the candy to slide down into it, especially the younger kids. “They liked the sound it made when the candy fell into their bag or bucket,” said Janie. “I’d tell them to wait until three pieces of candy had fallen into their bag before they removed it.” While Janie is handing out candy, Bob is counting and keeping track of how many trick-or-treaters they have each year. Typically the Jacobsons have 200–300 kids stop by on Halloween. This year, due to concerns about COVID-19, they only had 159, the lowest number since 2007, Janie said. The Jacobsons keep track of the temperature, wind and other weather related information each year as well because it makes a difference on how many people are trick-or-treating, but Janie didn’t have the information handy on what the weather was like in 2007.