Tuesday night, March 30, a small group of businessmen and citizens attended a meeting held by Bloomer businessman Duane Shoebridge to discuss “defending your business in a pandemic culture.”

Shoebridge started the meeting by saying, “It’s worded that way on purpose because we’re not in a pandemic. The death rates aren’t there and all the criteria that define what a pandemic is, it isn’t. This is a falsely created pandemic. And it is, it’s massive and it’s going to be around pretty much forever.”

He predicted that the masks and restrictions were going to be redone every year for at least another four years.

“We need to, while we can, have an understanding of what’s going on and then a game plan to help stop it, or at least protect our businesses while we’ve got them,” said Shoebridge.

He went on to explain how he sees the current situation in our country and world.

Shoebridge likened it to a football game with two teams—worldviews. The Christian worldview team holds to the principals of: love God and your neighbor, individual rights and a constitutional republic form of government. The opposing team is the Evolutionary Humanist worldview that espouses: survival of the fittest, no individual rights and a socialist or Marxist form of government. Right now he says the Christian worldview is down by 30 points going into the fourth quarter.

“If we’re playing defensively or we’re playing passively we’re not going to win this game,” said Shoebridge. “The only way for us to win is that we’ve got to start becoming active.”

“As people, in order to be part of a Republic we have to hold on to it. It is up to us to defend our rights and our constitution. Nobody else is going to do it,” said Shoebridge.

After saying that he has talked to our representatives and our sheriff he said, “No one is willing to hold the government accountable when they break the rules. It’s up to us, We the People.”

At this point in the meeting Shoebridge stopped to introduce himself. He and his wife moved to Bloomer in 1995. He has been a youth director at a local church and is also a computer programmer and ran his own company for 10 years. He studies our country’s founding documents for fun, studies the Bible, has a passion for teaching, and he’s spent years working in Bloomer and “that’s where all of this is coming from,” said Shoebridge.

With that background, Shoebridge went on to talk about people having authority over four areas of their lives; religion, politics, education and health. In the area of religion the people in the pew should be judging and holding pastors accountable for what they teach and how they lead. In politics, We the People should be judging and holding accountable all three branches of government. In education, parents should be judging and holding accountable teachers for what is being taught to their children. And, in the area of health, families should be judging and holding accountable healthcare providers.

With regard to politics, Shoebridge said we have a responsibility to stand against the government as We the People. He was quick to point out that as an individual he is just a citizen under the law, “but together as a group of businesses, or as a town we are We the People. We do have the authority to say, ‘This law is unconstitutional and this is why.’”

Shoebridge told attendees that they need to start talking about the issues freely and start taking back authority in all four areas of their lives. He also told them that small businesses need to band together to protect each other from unconstitutional mandates. And, that business leaders need to work with the city and county governments to protect citizens from unconstitutional mandates.

His belief is that this last year has been about shutting down the small businesses. He said that in a socialist country the few control the many and having fewer, larger businesses makes it easier for government to control them.

“The small businesses are getting shut down. That is the goal,” said Shoebridge. “Because, there are no deaths. The deaths are not increasing this year with the pandemic. The survival rate is 99.97 percent.”

Shoebridge plans on continuing to hold meetings with the goal of “Defending Bloomer and Protecting You.” The next two meetings are scheduled for Sunday, April 18 and Sunday, May 2, from 5–7 p.m. at Main Street Café, upper room. See ad on this page.

While the meetings are advertised for Bloomer business and community leaders, one attendee of Tuesday’s meeting said, “Really anyone who’s interested in knowing about this stuff should attend.”

Shoebridge also maintains a website called SaltyCentral.com where he archives information about COVID-19, masks, tests and vaccinations. Click on “sources” to view much of the information.