At the regular meeting held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 the Common Council of the City of Bloomer tackled a few difficult agenda items.

The first came in the form of a request by Wilson Properties, LLC, represented by Eric Wilson. Wilson who had previously approached the Plan Commission was now approaching the council concerning issues with sewer service in relation to property he was looking to build duplexes on.

The properties in question are on Fourth Avenue which has incomplete sewer mains. Wilson in looking to develop these properties discovered that completing the sewer main himself was rather cost prohibitive. Since the city owns the land directly across Fourth Avenue, Wilson approached the council about the possibility of cost sharing the completion of the sewer main. Water and storm drains are already complete for that entire section of Fourth Avenue.

The city council moved that the cost of completing the sewer main would be the sole responsibility of the developer.

Next the council moved to approve the initiation of the vacation of an unpaved alley located south of 17th Avenue in the Tillinghast’s addition.

Moving on from there the council next tackled the much disputed vacation of part of a public alley located in Block 9, Emerton’s Addition. During public comments the council had heard from members of the public both for and against that vacation of the alley. The vacation of the alley passed in a 3-1 vote.

Earlier in the meeting during public comments the council also heard from former Bloomer Mayor Matt Meinen concerning his concerns with the 17th Avenue sidewalks. Meinen pointed out that this sidewalk was supposed to have gone in when he was mayor. He is concerned about all the people who are still walking on the road on that side, even though there are lights for crossing. Meinen said that he never understood that the sidewalk was an optional thing. He also said that when the council forced businesses on 17th Avenue to install sidewalks they led the businesses to believe the next phase of sidewalks would also be completed. After Meinen had finished speaking, Brady Jenneman addressed the council and backed Meinen up saying that the business he owns on 17th Avenue had been led to believe that the rest of the sidewalk would go in the next year.

All other items on Wednesdays agenda were discussed and approved by the council.