The regular meeting of the Common Council for the City of Bloomer was held on Wednesday, Jan. 22. Discussion at the meeting focused on the purchase of a new police vehicle.

During general reports City Administrator Sandi Frion reported to the Council that the small claims hearing against the City of Bloomer had been dismissed by the Judge. Frion went on to report that a pre-construction meeting had been held for the tertiary treatment project and that Charter NEX is starting to move forward with their expansion plans. During his report Mayor Steinmetz thanked everyone who put time and effort into helping with the small claims case.

Moving onto business items discussion again centered around the purchase of a new police vehicle. After hearing back from Police Chief Jared Zwiefelhofer about the warranties on the Ford Interceptor Utility and the Chevy Tahoe, which were exactly the same, Alderman Jon Reischel made a motion to purchase the Ford Interceptor Utility from Toycen’s Ford for $33,759.

Reischel’s motion received no second, so the motion “died” and the floor was opened back up for more discussion.

After some more discussion Alderman Kevin Meinen motioned to buy the Chevy Tahoe from Southworth Chevrolet for $37,532. The motion passed 2-1 as Alderman Jim Koehler was absent.

The Council also approved the amendment to Ordinance #01-20 Section 7-1-13(e) of the City Code; Farm Animals, Minature Pigs. The amendment struck rabbits from the ordinance altogether allowing residents within the City of Bloomer to have rabbits.

A Class “B” and “Class B” liquor license was approved for Tammy J. Grage and Austin A Hutsell (The Bloomer Pub); A resolution was passed authorizing Chippewa County Housing Authority to serve as the Housing Authority for the City of Bloomer; and a license to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors was approved for Jolie Brazeau.