Recently there has been a number of break-ins around Chippewa County, specifically in the town of Bloomer in the Lake Como area.

On Monday, July 5 during the  night and the early morning of Tuesday, July 6 properties near Lake Como were broken into. The suspect(s) entered vehicles and garages that were unlocked according to Police Chief Jared Zwiefelhofer.  No forced entries were made. 

No particular person or residence seemed to be targeted and the suspect(s) appeared to only want cash as other valuables were left untouched.  Wallets and purses were taken from vehicles and garages to be later found in nearby ditches and yards with all contents except the cash in them. 

 Cheif Zwiefelhofer said the best advice he has for residents is to keep your vehicle doors and homes locked. Keeping your valuables including purses and wallets out of plain sight is also a good routine to get into.

Bloomer Police Department is working with the Chippewa County Sherrif’s Department as they believe there may be a connection between the break-ins in Bloomer and the ones in the Lake Wissota area.

This is an active, on going investigation. If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Bloomer Police Department at 715-568-5924.