Meeting house

A presentation at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 20, at the Pioneer Village Museum in Cameron will highlight “The Meeting House.” The log house was built by Peder (Urberg) Johnson and his wife, Aase Jensen, when they moved from Norway to an area in the town of Maple Grove that was later changed to town of Prairie Lake, west of Chetek, in 1877. Johnson was from Krago, Norway, and had married Aase in 1866. The couple had six children: Jennie (Swanson), Louise (Olson), Karen (Selmyhr), Ludvig, Ole and Henry. Henry lived in Bloomer at one time. Traveling clergy, preaching in the area, would stay at the home. The home was dismantled and moved to the Pokegama Inn. In 1975, it was given to the museum and moved. The presentation on July 20 will talk about the house and descendants of the family.