Bloomer Fire Department Shows Up At Retiring Chief’s House For Final Call

On Sunday, Jan. 12, firefighters from the Bloomer Fire Department donned their gear and loaded into the fire trucks to pay a visit to retiring Bloomer Fire Chief Brian Bleskacek, center, just in time for the Chippewa County dispatch center to issue a special announcement. “Chippewa County along with fellow brothers and sisters who walk the red line would like to thank Bloomer Fire Chief Brian Bleskacek for dedicating 33 years of service to the Bloomer community,” said the dispatcher. “Your unwavering dedication and strong leadership has set an outstanding example to those men and women who have served alongside you. Your legacy continues on as three of your children serve their communities the same way you have so unselfishly served Bloomer for over three decades. We say, ‘Thank You’ for your service. Bloomer Chief One you’re 10-42, Jan. 12, 2020 at 10:26 .” Search “Retirement Final Call Brian D Bleskacek Bloomer Fire Department” on YouTube to see the entire tribute. Also, a special benefit is being planned for Saturday, Feb. 29 at the Pines Ballroom for Bleskacek who has inoperable stage four urothelial cancer. Watch the Bloomer Advance for more information as the date gets closer or click here.