PMI and All-Ways Transit in Bloomer have acted as Santa to the Light Up The Park team. The local businesses have donated a 53 foot semi-trailer that can be used to store most of the decorations throughout the summer months. This will make it much easier this “Haul-iday” season.

All-Ways Transit in Bloomer has volunteered to act Santa’s Reindeer and will haul the trailer into the park in the winter and then store it for us when it is not in use.

Maryann Gumness and her elves from the Creative Community Painting summer school class turned the storage trailer into an actual display for the park. The Bloomer Chamber of Commerce would like to thank PMI, All-Ways Transit, the Bloomer School District (Ms. Gumness, bus drivers and custodial staff) and the students for their help with this project.

Gumness said Ben Olson, president of the Bloomer Chamber of Commerce, came to her with the project of painting a 10 foot high x 53 feet long semi trailer to house all of the North Park Christmas Display decorating items.

The trailer was donated by PMI with All-Ways Transit offering to park it at their business and then haul it and park it at the North Park when the decorations items are needed to be put up.

“Mr. Olson figured since the trailer would be sitting in the display area the class could decorate it to fit in with the Christmas theme and other displays,” said Gumness. “My class got to work. I allowed students to create the design from beginning to end. The main requirement was to incorporate both business logos.

“We discussed and researched what All-Ways Transit and PMI are about—All-Ways Transit is a trucking company which gave student Russell Culver the idea of ‘Happy Haul -i - days.’” said Gumness.

PMI is short for Processed Metals Innovators and much of their manufacturing starts with large coils of metal so Santa’s Scroll is not a paper naughty and nice list but a roll of steel, cut to size by PMI, for the students to sign their nice names on as the artists. Some student artist names went on All-Ways Transit gift tags on the presents by the elf.

“The students did a great job combining their ideas to create the finished project as seen in the photo above,” said Gumness. “They worked very hard and were very patient.”

“It took us the first week of summer school to get the pattern done and ready to transfer to the trailer,” said Gumness. “I explained the importance of creating a good pattern—it makes your project in the end GREAT...and it turned out wonderful! Thank you PMI for donating the trailer and for allowing us to use your facility while we painted it during summer school.”

Gumness said she was extremely happy with the students hard work, “They should be VERY proud of themselves!”