School Bus Drops Off Students In Bloomer

With the new school year upon us, Kobussen Safety Director and driver Curtis Harrison and the Bloomer Advance can’t stress enough the importance of motorists, from both directions, stopping for the flashing red lights of the school bus and waiting until they are turned off to pass the bus. Harrison says vehicles run the red lights and stop sign on school buses frequently, much more often than people would believe. And, he said the problem does not seem to be getting any better so he asked the Bloomer Advance to help him remind motorists of the law. The Wisconsin DOT website says, “A vehicle owner can be cited when the driver of a car passes a school bus illegally. A law enforcement officer need not witness this violation if the school bus driver reports it to the law enforcement agency within 24 hours. Fines can be quite high for illegally passing a school bus, but the risk of hitting a child is even higher.” For more school bus safety information see question and answer article on page A8 of this weeks Bloomer Advance.