According to a Bloomer police officer, Taylor Dornon is lucky to be alive and, according to Taylor, she owes it to her dog Sadie.When fire broke out around noon on Tuesday, Jan. 7 in the back entry area of the house Taylor Dornon rents with her sister Tamara, she was upstairs asleep. Taylor said, she works nights and sleeps during the day and Sadie will scratch at her to wake her up if she needs to go out. On Tuesday, Sadie came into Taylor’s room and scratched at her. Thinking that Sadie just wanted to go out, Taylor tried to ignore her and send her away—she thought about shutting the door to keep the dog out. But, this time Sadie would not be deterred and came back and jumped on Taylor and started whining.When Sadie started whining Taylor said she knew something was wrong. She got up and smelled smoke, at first she said she thought her sister—who was actually at work—was burning something in the kitchen, but Taylor headed down the stairs anyway. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs she realized the house was quickly filling with smoke and called 911 and got out of the house. Later a Bloomer police officer told Taylor’s mom that if the dog hadn’t woke Taylor up and warned her of the fire, she wouldn’t be alive today.According to a report Bloomer Fire Chief Jared Zwiefelhofer gave the city council at its regular meeting Wednesday night, Jan. 8, the house suffered heavy smoke damage. He also said the cause was unknown. Taylor said that she and her sister lost their clothes, beds and other items.