Weed Harvesting On Lake Como

Tony Burgess reported to the City Council that the Bloomer Lake Association had hired a weed harvester who was harvesting weeds on the lake on Wednesday, July 10.

By Katrina Hoff | Bloomer Advance

Among other regular business at their meeting Wednesday, July 10, the Common Council of the City of Bloomer listened to a public comment concerning the 90 minute parking enforcement and were approached by Chief Zwiefelhofer concerning hiring another Police Officer for the Bloomer Police Department.


Reports were heard from the police department, street department, alderman reports, and mayor reports. In his report Tony Burgess told the council that he had been approached by the Lake Association concern a bulletin board the city currently has at one of the boat landings, expressing that the Lake Association would like to take over the bulletin board if that was okay with the city. Burgess also gave a mini progress report on the harvesting that the Lake Association is currently doing on the lake, mentioning that the Lake Association is looking to hopefully get their own harvester for future harvesting operations.

Alderman Bauch reported on the most recent Library board meeting and current changes taking place at the library including a new Air Conditioner and landscaping projects. Bauch also mentioned he wanted to acknowledge some good that was being done in our community telling the council how the Blackhawk Education Foundation is suppling all the school supplies for the Bloomer School District for 4K through 8th Grade. “I really just think this is a phenomenal example of just like how great our community is, how kind and generous it is, and I can say personally I am really proud to be part of a community that does something like that.”

Public Comment

Chrissy Meisner of Chrissy’s Bloomer Bakery appeared at the council meeting to voice concern over the enforcement of 90 minute parking, particularly on the west side streets off of Main Street. Meisner’s concern is that there is not enough public parking. Currently her employees and other employees on the west side park in the 90 minute parking. Meisner said she was talking with other business on the west side and no one felt that there were any issues currently with parking on that side of Main. Meisner also voiced concern that the enforcement of 90 minute parking will affect the churches on the west side when they have funerals and other mid-week events at the church. What Meisner was asking the council was if there is anyway that just the west side streets can be exempted from the 90 minute enforcement.

Position At Police Department

Chief Zwiefelhofer approached the board concerning the hiring of a fifth police officer at the Bloomer Police Department. Zwiefelhofer mentioned how there are currently a lot of gaps in coverage and overtime is going to be high again this year. It was mentioned that when an officer from Bloomer has to do a transport the current staffing situation leaves no one to cover the city for the time that the officer is gone on the transport. Zwiefelhofer said that if the city granted this position it would allow him to have two people on during the day unless someone takes vacation. There may still be a few gaps and some overtime, but Zwiefelhofer predicts that the addition of another officer should cut both those significantly. Administrator Frion mentioned that the new position had been taken into account for the 2019 budget so there are funds already in place for the new position should the council approve it. After a fair amount of discussion on the addition of an officer to the Bloomer Police Department, the council voted 3-1 to hire another police officer for the City of Bloomer.

Further Business

Other business items addressed by the council at the July 10 meeting included:

• Approved the certified survey map submitted by the Ronald J. and Kathleen A. Zwiefelhofer Trust in the City of Bloomer.

• Approved the certified survey map submitted by Peterson Family Homes, Inc. in the City of Bloomer.

• Approved a street use permit for August 6, 2019 for the National Night Out event.

• Approved a temporary Class “B” and “Class B” license to sell fermented malt beverages and wine on August 24 for the Bloomer Community Club at the Bloomer Community Fairgrounds.

• Approved a live music license for the Bloomer Community Club on August 24 at the Bloomer Community Fairgrounds.

• Approved a license to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors for Stephanie Reid, Kelsey Prince, Rochelle North, Jamie Bischel, Whitney Price, Terri Burgess, Tanner Story, Brianne Reischel, and Isabella Jenneman.

The City Council then went into closed session pursuant Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(e) for Negotiating on sale of public property.