By Barry Hoff

During public comments at the first October meeting of the City of Bloomer Common Council on Wednesday, Oct. 10 Tae Sapida expressed his interest in running the Bloomer Veterans Memorial Golf Course. The golf course lease has been a closed session business item on several recent council agendas including Oct. 10 and Monday, Oct. 22.

“I’m very, very interested in leasing Bloomer Golf Course,” said Sapida to begin his comments.

He went on to tell the council that he is originally from California where he managed multiple golf courses. He said that when he left, all three of the courses were among the top 100 golf courses in the state of California.

Sapida now works for Wild Ridge and Mill Run golf courses in Eau Claire. He said he also does a lot of junior lessons in Bloomer and has a great relationship with the owner of the range in Bloomer.

Sapida went on to say, “It’s a great golf course. I think I could do a lot of good there.

“I would love to get my team in there and run it and see what we could do for higher revenue and things like that,” said Sapida. “I would hate to see that golf course go away.”

General Reports

During the general reports portion of the council meeting, Street Department manager, Tony Burgess told the council that 78 Ash trees are marked to be taken down after the leaves are off the trees. He also said that the gate to the public wood lot is locked but a sign by the gate gives a phone number to call for people to gain access to the lot to cut firewood.

Also during reports, Kevin Meinen expressed his gratitude to the employees of Security Financial Bank for painting picnic tables on Monday, Oct. 8.

“They look really nice,” said Meinen.

The final report was by Mayor Jeffery Steinmetz who, because the meeting was during fire prevention week, thanked the Bloomer Fire Department members for their dedication and service to the city of Bloomer. He also passed along a thank you from the Como Lake association to the sewer and water department for their help cleaning out the weeds and algae three times a year.

Business Items

The first item of business on the agenda was a conditional use permit for Allison Knoepke to keep chickens at her residence in the city of Bloomer. The council followed a recommendation from the planning commission to deny the request because Knoepke’s planned coop and pen would not maintain the minimum 50 feet from any dwelling or structure located on adjacent property specified in Bloomer’s chickenordinance. However, the council agreed to waive the application fee if Knoepke wishes to re-apply with a plan that meets that requirement.

Also under business items, the council discussed the spring and fall cleanup days. Tony Burgess told the council there are problems with the clean up days. First, people are putting anything and everything out on the curb during those two weeks and his crew has to pick through all of it and separate what goes where at the recycling center, etc. Secondly, people continue to put stuff out after the two weeks are over and then call and complain because it doesn’t get picked up.

Burgess told the council, “It’s extra money for the city to do that when we already provide a place [the recycling center] for people to take it.”

After much discussion centered around doing away with it, limiting the types of items picked up or being hard nosed about the two week time frame the council decided to leave it the way it is for this fall (watch the Bloomer Advance for an ad giving the dates and details of the fall cleanup days). However they did ask Burgess do a cost analysis so they could revisit the issue before the spring cleanup days.

“You hate to get rid of a service, a nice service to the elderly, because of the few that abuse it,” said alderperson Randy Jones.

Among other items of business the council changed the date of the second October regular meeting to Monday, Oct. 22 and approved the mayor’s appointment of Gary Lueck to the Zoning Board of Appeals.