The Bloomer Sno-Hawk’s Snowmobile Club will be celebrating their 25th year of the beginning of their club. It was formed in November of 1994. A few families gathered together and discussed the forming of a new club in Bloomer.

We have to give a big thanks to the original Bloomer snowmobile club the Bloomer Moonlite Runners for all the time and hard work as to starting the Moonlite Runners back in the early 1970s. Most of the trails in the Bloomer area were developed by the Moonlite Runners in which the Sno-Hawk’s now maintain plus have added a few more sections. Maintaining trails takes a lot of time and dedication so the Sno-Hawk’s are always looking for volunteers.

The Sno-Hawk’s has grown to be one of the larger clubs in the county for most of their 25 years. As a thanks to ALL the Sno-Hawk’s members, past and present, plus ANY members of the Moonlite Runners you are invited to a 25th anniversary party Saturday, Nov. 9th being held at the Bloomer Moose Lodge. This event will go from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. A lunch will be provided with refreshments. Plus vintage clothing, pictures and slide show of the past years of the Sno-Hawk’s.

The Sno-Hawk’s apparel and 25th anniversary shirts will be for sale. We will have our vintage sled there selling tickets. And will have a few little handouts for everyone in attendance. If you have any questions call 715-568-2570 or 715-579-8992.

Let’s get together and share good memories.