The city of Bloomer common council adopted two policies in regard to helping city residents keep their properties neat and tidy at its regular meeting Wednesday, March 13.

The Annual Spring/Fall Clean-Up policy replaces the previous spring/fall clean-up days’ curbside pick-up practice. In the past, for two weeks in the spring and two weeks in the fall city residents could set out unwanted items on the curb and city workers would come around and pick them up. Under the new policy, instead of curbside pickup, there will be extended hours at the city recycling center during the last full week of April and the last full week of October. During those weeks the city will also offer pick-up service for a pre-paid flat fee of $20 (plus any additional fees for certain items).

According to the policy, “On an annual basis during the months of April and October, a clean-up is conducted at the City of Bloomer Recycling Center, 403 26th Avenue, for residents of the City of Bloomer. Clean-up will be held annually the last full week during the months of April and October. The Recycling Center hours for those time periods will be Monday and Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Wednesday 3 p.m.–7 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

“Pick-ups will take place on the same day as the resident’s regular garbage collection day. All fees must be paid and resident must schedule a pick-up with City Hall at least three business days prior to the resident’s garbage pick-up day. Only those items that were paid for at the time of scheduling the pick-up will be picked up. If there are any additional items set out for pick-up that are not paid for, those items will not be picked up. Resident will be subject to ordinance violations if items remain on curbside. All items must be on curbside by 7 a.m. on the resident’s regular garbage collection pick-up day. Personnel will not return for items set out late.

“Acceptable items for no additional fee include: Steel, aluminum and copper, all recyclable items, non-recyclable items that do not fit in your orange bag or cart. ie; plastic totes, coolers, vacuum cleaners, garden hose, golf bag and large children’s toys. These items will be placed in a landfill dumpster.

“Acceptable items for an additional fee: Furniture, car tires, carpet/padding, TV’s, all electronics, light bulbs, computer/printers, and demolition. (Fee as listed at Bloomer Recycling Center).”

Brush & Tree Limb Removal

The second policy sets fees for curbside pick-up of brush and tree limb removal. “Prior to the 2019 calendar year this service was provided at no charge. However, due to rising costs and schedule demands of personnel, the City must collect a fee for this service,” reads the policy.

The city staff will remove the following for a fee: Brush, branches, twigs, limbs and other areas where their respective leaves grow forth from to sustain life. For the purpose of this policy, this includes the trunk of the tree that does not exceed the diameter limits as set by the City and does not have any portion of which roots or stump of tree or brush is attached.

The minimum charge is $15 for up to 4 cubic yards and $25 for 4–8 cubic yards. Pick-up must be scheduled and fees paid in advance. All brush must be on curbside by 7 a.m.

The curbside brush service begins the third Thursday in the month of May and will run through the fourth Friday in the month of November. In the event of a large snowfall prior to the last week of November, this service may be suspended as determined by the Street Department Manager. Operations for brush pick-up will run on the west side of Main Street the third Thursday and Friday of the month and the east side of Main Street will be picked up the fourth Thursday and Friday of the month.

The policy also outlines the property owner’s responsibilities with regard to preparing brush for pick-up and other stipulations.

Under this same policy, Christmas trees‚—evergreen breed of tree that is grown naturally or in a tree farm before it is harvested. This includes species of fir, spruce, pine, and cypress varieties—will be picked up from Dec. 26 through the third Friday of January. The charge for Christmas tree pickup is $5.

Also, the City of Bloomer owns and operates a brush site for residents to utilize. There is no fee for residents of the City of Bloomer to take brush to the city owned brush site.

The policy also says, “The City of Bloomer may waive any fee if the brush and limb debris is extensive due to wind or a severe storm. Consideration will be given due to consistent wind speed in excess of 38 mph, determined by the National Weather Service, where twigs and small branches will be blown off.”

Copies of the policies will be going out in the next city utility billing and are available to read at city hall. The Spring/Fall Clean-Up Policy is also here and the Curbside Brush Policy is here.