By Katrina Hoff | Bloomer Advance

At its meeting Wednesday, June 26, the Common Council of the City of Bloomer tackled a large agenda and followed up with an Eagle Scout candidate’s idea for his Eagle Project.

The Council started off the meeting by hearing reports from the different departments before jumping into discussion and action on other agenda items.


Reports were heard from the water department head, city administrator/clerk/treasurer, and alderpersons, before the mayor gave his report. Mayor Jeff Steinmetz reported on helping at the community picnic June 6, which he reported was well attended, that he and Administrator Sandi Frion had been in contact with the parties interested in co-op feeds, and that he was planning to attend the A1 Tour on Thursday, June 27.


The first business item the council tackled was on the agenda as a vacation of the public right-of-way located at Seventh Avenue and Thompson Street. After some discussion it was determined that it was actually a request for an easement.

The purchasers of a piece of property on Thompson Street were just requesting the council to allow them the use of the right of way, which is plotted to be an extension of Seventh Avenue, to access a rear portion of their Thompson Street property for building a garage. The request was essentially just an ingress and egress request.

The council, after consulting with Attorney Gustafson, approved the easement, not the vacation, and granted Frion the authority to oversee and sign an agreement with the property owners requesting the easement so that it would not have to be brought before the council again.

Eagle Project

Josh Prill, who is working toward achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy’s Scouts appeared before the council again as requested at the June 5 city council meeting.

This time Prill presented the council with photos of the exact site at North Park where he was requesting to build steps to the water for his Eagle Scout project. After seeing the photos and confirming that Prill had consulted and received approval from the DNR the council voted to approve Prill’s project.

90 Minute Parking

Bloomer Police Chief Jared Zwiefelhofer approached the council concerning enforcement of the city’s 90 minute parking ordinance. Zwiefelhofer said he has received a request to enforce the 90 minute parking which is currently not being enforced by the police department.

Zwiefelhofer voiced some concerns about inconsistent and missing, damaged and faded signage being an issue (see photos on page A8) if the council moved to have the 90 minute parking enforced.

Ninety minute parking is located on 14th, 15th, and 16th Avenues (first block off of Main Street either direction), both sides of Main Street from 17th Avenue to 13th Avenue, plus 55 feet on Larson Street in front of Kelley Chiropractic.

Zwiefelhofer told the council that approximately 32 signs would be needed if all the signs are updated/replaced and that it will cost $110 per sign and $110 per post for any posts that need replacing.

Mayor Steinmetz said, “If we are going to do this I think all the signs should be replaced, so that they should be consistent with one another and make sure they have those other things on there.”

The council moved to have the 90 minute parking enforced effective as soon as the signs go up.

Water Dept. SCADA System

Another item of much discussion was upgrading the SCADA System for the Water and Wastewater Department. The SCADA system is the information/communication system used by the water department.

According to “Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a system of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to: control industrial processes locally or at remote locations; monitor, gather, and process real-time data; directly interact with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, and more through human-machine interface (HMI) software; and record events into a log file. SCADA systems are crucial for industrial organizations since they help to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime.”

The current SCADA system is 21 years old, is either outdated or obsolete and in need of updating as it is causing IT problems. It was requested that both the water and wastewater systems be done at the same time. After some discussion the council approved upgrading the SCADA system.

Further Business

The council also took care of a number of other business items at the meeting:

• Approved the certified survey map submitted by PKJ Day, LLC. for all of the lots 1-3 and part of a vacated alley in Braden’s Addition.

• After some discussion the council voted to approve a developers agreement with Charter Nex Films concerning the purchase of equipment for Charter Nex’s expansion.

• Approved the amendment to agreement between the City of Bloomer and AEP Energy Partners.

• Approved Resolution #03-19 waiving the City’s Rights to approve plats in a portion of its Statutory Extraterritorial Plat Approval Jurisdiction.

• Approved Resolution #04-19 exempting the City of Bloomer from the Chippewa County Tax Levy for Library Purposes.

• Approved Ordinance #03-19: Amend Title 13 and Section 14-1-31 (h)(5) of the City Code to Repeal the City’s Extraterritorial Zoning Code and Modify its Extraterritorial Plat Approval Authority.

• Approved Class “B” Beer & “Class B” Liquor License: Charles E. Bowe, Badger Hole, LLC – Badger Hole, Richard Zwiefelhofer, Z-Bro, LLC – Harm’s Way Bar & Grill, Martin J. Loew – Happy Hour Bar, Shawn Marie Hutton–The Next Place Bar & Grill, Joaquin Lopez – Casa Mexicana-Bloomer, Heidi J. Bohl – Xpeditions, Inc., Bloomer Bowl, LLC – Jennifer R. Olson, Agent – Bloomer Bowl, Bloomer Memorial Golf Course, Inc.- Elmer Erickson, Agent, Junior’s Bar, Inc. – Yvonne Marie Rubenzer, Agent, Bloomer Moose Lodge No. 1077 – Brian D. Yohnk, Agent; Class “B” Beer and “Class C” Wine License: Dashing Duo, LLC., Dawn A. Knoepke (Bohemian Ovens); Class “A” Beer & “Class A” Liquor License: CAP Operations - Jonathon Schmidt, Agent – Holiday #38, Leisureland South, Inc. - Patrick N. Shadick, Agent – Price Rite Foods, Dolgencorp LLC.- Jessica Allen, Agent – Dollar General Store #5871, Kwik Trip, Inc., Anna Marie Jergenson, Agent – Kwik Trip #427; Class “A” Beer: River Country Co-op – Heather Barrows, Agent- (Bloomer Main), River Country Co-op – Heather Barrows, Agent- (Bloomer Cenex); Class “B” Beer: Fat Boys Pizza, Inc. Jay D. Thompson, Agent – Fat Boy’s Pizza.

• Approved the following cigarette license application effective from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020: Kwik Trip, Inc., CAP Operations, Inc. – Holiday #38, Badger Hole, LLC, Xpeditions, Inc., Leisureland South, Inc. – Shadick’s Price Rite Foods, River Country Coop, Junior’s Bar, Inc., River Country Coop – Bloomer Cenex, Dolgencorp, LLC – Dollar General Store, Martin Loew – Happy Hour.

• Approved a Juke Box/Live Music & Dancing license application effective from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020: Bloomer Moose Lodge #1077, Badger Hole, LLC., Xpeditions, Inc., The Next Place Bar & Grill, Junior’s Bar, Happy Hour, Bloomer Memorial Golf Course, Harm’s Way, Bloomer Bowl.

• Approved a temporary Class “B” license to sell fermented malt beverages for the Bloomer Community Club at the 9th Avenue Fairgrounds August 1st – August 4th.

• Approved a license to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors for Lu Ann Stolt, Cynthia Stolt, Ryan Stolt, Michelle Stolt, Daniel Stolt, Kristin M. Holstien, Emily N. Holloway, Evelyn E. Boos, Robert L. Ritter, Savanna N. Rogge, Madison L. Catchot, Mikkela J. Hammond, Mary N. Paulus, Kenarae L. Luzinski, Alysa J. Buresh, Karen L. McGlothlin, Jayme E. Lauer, Steven A. Siverling, Tina M. Plummer, Stephanie L. Kollwitz, Eliese Weiland, Jennifer L. Nyhus, Alexis Plumley and Shawn M. Bailey.

The City Council then went into closed session pursuant Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(e) for Negotiating on sale of public property.