By Barry Hoff | Bloomer Advance

The City of Bloomer Common Council approved a new private well for Bloomer Brewery at the old Southworth Chevrolet wash building on Ninth Avenue at its regular meeting on Wednesday, March 27. It also approved ordering a certified survey map (CSM) for the last remaining lot on the former little league baseball field property.

In its first item of business Wednesday night, the council acted on a request from Ryan Stolt on behalf of the Bloomer Brewing Company for a new private well in the city of Bloomer. Stolt explained that he is buying the brewery and as part of the purchase he wants to move it to a larger location for it to grow into. His plan is to buy the old Southworth wash building on Ninth Avenue but he wants to install a private well for the sole purpose of brewing the beer. He said that the current plumbing would continue to be hooked up to the city water system.

“When it comes to the beer the water is the main ingredient in beer and not knpwing how it’s treated occasionally or not knowing the inconsistencies that can be coming through a city service, we want to be able to depend on the reliability of the well for the brewing process,” said Stolt.

Water and sewer manager Bill Miller told the council that city ordinances prohibit new private wells in the city except with the express written permission of the city.

“They are not allowed unless you guys allow them,” Miller told the council.

Miller said that this was new territory, that it hadn’t ever come up before during his 25 years working for the city. He said that if the council does allow it, “we definitely want to control high capacity wells for our wellhead protection as well as competing with other people that draw water from our aquifer.”

Stolt said the well the Bloomer Brewery is asking for wouldn’t be any larger than a conventional residential well.

Miller said the well would have to be tested by a licensed professional every two years and suggested to the council that there should be an application so whoever wants the well is applying and letting the city know what they are after, how many gallons per minute, per day or annually and with something written there so the city has control over the size of the well.

The council voted to approve the well contingent on a letter of approval from Miller after Stolt provides him with the information he requests. Miller and city attorney Dan Gustafson will write the letter and bring it to the council for final approval.

In its second item of business the council acted on a recommendation by the city planning commission to order a CSM to split the last remaining lot, on the corner of Smith Street and 16th Avenue, of the old little league baseball fields into two lots.

The CSM would split off the property where the city currently has a well and pump house leaving a lot approximately 159 feet by 225 feet on the corner of Smith Street and 16th Avenue that the city could eventually sell.

In the same motion the council directed the city managers to look at the street, water, sewer and storm sewer infrastructure by that lot and make their recommendation for improvement before the lot goes on the market for sale.

The council also approved a license for Christina A. Sarauer to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors as its third item of business.

Finally, the council voted to go into closed session to confer with legal counsel with regard to the Schueller claim against the city with regard to a sewer service dispute. The city issued a statement on Monday, April 1 with regard to the matter which appears in this weeks Bloomer Advance.