By Barry Hoff | Bloomer Advance

People looking for steel, and other metals, have a new supplier in the area to choose from. Bryon Yakesh, a 1987 graduate of Bloomer High School, recently opened Yakesh Steel, LLC right off of Hwy 29 near the Eau Claire Travel Center/29 Pines Restaurant.

Yakesh Steel provides a complete line of steel including angles, flats, sheets and rounds to buinesses and individuals. They can cut material to size by various means including plasma cutting, band saw cutting, and shearing. They can also supply stainless and aluminum.

The company has two band saws, welders, a plasma cutter and­—the pride and joy of operations manager, Kael Farmer—a 140 ton Piranha Ironworker.

“This Ironworker actually does the job of four or five different machines,” said Farmer. “We can bend material up to two feet wide. We can cut flats and angles with it, the same as we can do with the saw, but that’s going to be a little bit faster.”

Farmer said the iron worker can cut plate material up to 14 inches wide and 1 inch thick. It can also punch holes up 1.5 inches in diameter in flat, angle, or channel material. It can also be used to notch sections out of material as needed.

“But, the main thing that machine is going to be useful for is punching lots of holes and shearing flat pieces, like base plates,” said Farmer.

Yakesh Steel will be able to provide steel to a large range of customers, from the individual who needs one piece to fix a piece of equipment, or the hobbyist who just needs a few pieces to build something for himself, all the way up to the company that is working on a large project in the area, said Farmer.

Material is available on hand or can be ordered and received in a couple of days. Customers can pickup their materials or they can be delivered with a minimum order.

Farmer said the normal delivery area will be within a 50 to 60 mile radius. He said that will take them as far west as the Minnesota border, as north as Spooner, as far east as Abbotsford and as far south as Black River Falls or possibly even Tomah. They can deliver pieces up to 40 feet long or they will also deliver small pieces.

Yakesh, who also owns Yakesh Roofing, started the business because he was looking for something more year-around and he believes there is enough demand in the community for another steel company. He said another company in the area recently quit selling steel and he believes competition is good for the customers.

Besides Yakesh and Farmer the company also employs Luke Gehring, accounts manager, and Jon Fehr.

Yakesh Steel, LLC is located at 3273 56th Street, Eau Claire, Wis. and can be reached at 715-874-1544 or 715-874-1578. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.